Matt Ellerbeck – The Frog Guy

''It's not that I don't like people, I just love frogs more'' - Matt - The Frog Guy

Matt Ellerbeck

Aptly described by T.V personality Bill Welychka as 'the Frog Guy', and hailed as 'a legend' by the Chairman of the Cambridge & Peterborough Amphibian and Reptile Group...Matt is someone who has always loved frogs. He first observed these amphibians as a child and was instantly fascinated and enthralled with them.

This passion eventually led to Matt becoming a full-time Frog Advocate and Conservationist, who runs the frog preservation initiative Frog Conservation 101.

Above: Matt lecturing on frog conservation for the Stratford Field Naturalists.

To help bring his message to the public, Matt has given numerous educational lectures and presentations on frog conservation. These include presentations for kids clubs, nature groups, and at many schools. ​He has lectured on conservation at some of Ontario’s most prestigious educational institutes, including Queen’s University, Trent University, and King’s Town Private School.

To further help get his messages out, Matt has written several articles on frogs which have appeared in numerous conservation publications and newspapers. These include articles for the Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Programme, the Quinte Conservation Authority, the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network, Frogs Are Green, and the Amphibian Survival Alliance (which is the world's largest partnership for amphibian conservation).

Above: QNet News feature on Matt's work as a Frog Conservationist.

Matt also often appears in the media to help bring his message of frog conservation to a larger audience. He has appeared on TV programs, Radio Shows, and in many newspapers and publications across North America. This includes high profile shows such Animals Today radio which airs across 17 States, CBC News and Global News.

Alongside his education and awareness activities, Matt is an avid frog observer. He has observed 100's of frogs in their natural habitats. During the spring, summer, and autumn months he spends much time out in the field gathering observational records and data on frogs. Such records are used to help gain a better understanding of frog populations, habitats, ranges, behaviors, morphological variations, and threats. He currently has a scientific permit to collect frog observations for the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. His dedication to collecting frog observational records earned him an award certificate from Toronto Zoo's FrogWatch program.

Above: Vocal Media article on Matt's efforts to contribute to frog conservation.

Additionally, Matt has considerable experience and expertise in regards to frogs and their care. He has cared for and observed numerous species. These include forms belonging to the genera Hyla, Rana, Osteopilus, Pulchrana, Kaloula, Rhacophorus, Hyperolius, Ceratophrys, Bombina, Hymenochirus, Xenopus, Litoria, Rhinella, Anaxyrus, Bufo, Pseudacris, Lithobates, Phrynomerus, Pyxicephalus, Agalychnis, Dendropsophus, and Leptopelis.

Matt is committed to continuing his efforts to help frogs. His love and concern for these animals is second to none!